Quix (quix_esque) wrote,

fic; suju; kihae

title k.
rating pg-13?
pairing kihae
summary prompt: words, light, easy. Donghae is an internet call-boy and Kibum is a college student. You do the math. AU and WTF? Inspiration from Spider Lilies xD Short Oneshot.
a/n FOR taylormercury ♥ HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY. Hopefully you like this.

"What do the boys want to hear today?" Donghae is breathing into his headset, blue against his cheek and ear. On the computer screen, the highlights and shadows of his face are accentuated, and his hair, pulled back loosely into an elastic band, glimmers gold in the yellow light of his room. Behind him, a curtain of beads before a daybed, the sheets wrinkled and mussed.

At the other side of the internet, Kibum gulps. He can't say anything because he doesn't have a headset, or a microphone; he uses the earphones that came with his mp3 player, the bud that was left out of the ear closest to the door hanging into his lap . At his study desk, Kibum is rather diligently avoiding his micro-economics textbook, but it is open on page 436, just in case.

Cinder says: Just take off your clothes.
XiOne says: dance for us.

Donghae giggles into Kibum's right ear. "I can't do that so soon. Besides, there's a fee. You know that."

Kibum types slowly, careful not to make any mistakes, lest he look like an overeager fool.

K says: Tell me about your day.

Donghae smiles, the shadows on his cheeks deepening. "K is too nice," he says playfully. "I wish I knew your name."

When there is no activity on the internet for a moment, Donghae continues, "Today, I bought this necklace. It's pretty, right?" He tilts his head just so and pulls at his t-shirt so that his collarbone is exposed. A thin, leather string sits around his neck, a blue stone sitting at the dip below his throat.

Tease, Kibum thinks, but doesn't type. Then he hears footsteps. Quickly, he closes the window on his computer screen and lays his head on his open book like he had fallen asleep studying. He hears the door click open.

"Aigoo," his mother whispers. "Always studying, studying, studying. College is so much work." Then he feels a blanket placed over his shoulders, then the click of the door closing. He counts to five.

K says: Sorry about that.

"We're always being interrupted," Donghae whines, bringing his lips into a pout.

Kibum smiles before he remembers that Donghae cannot see him.

Cinder says: Enough talk.
Cinder says: Let's see something.

XiOne says: ^^ yeah...but leave the necklace on.

Donghae grins and leaves the screen for a moment, and when he returns, there is soft music playing in the background. Sitting at the edge of his daybed, he whispers huskily into the small microphone tip, "You're in for a real treat, tonight."

Just the idea of--Kibum's pulse is already starting to quicken, and he quickly abandons any sort of higher grammatical structure when i'm ready for it becomes i;n tesdy fo rit.

K says: K.

Kibum rises from his chair and pads lightly across his room, letting the satisfying sound of the door lock slide into place signal the beginning of his night.


HAPPY BIRTHDAY MICA ♥♥♥!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tags: donghae
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